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Rental Agreement
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Guest Agreement



A deposit payment equal to one night's rent is due at the time of booking to confirm your reservation.

Your final payment is due no later than 10 business days before you arrive.

For groups: The contact person is to collect final payments from all members of the group and remit the

balance payment by check or credit card at least 10 business days before you arrive.


Elk, Bear, or Deer Lodges:

If you cancel 120 days or more before your arrival date, you will receive a full deposit refund.

If you cancel 60-120 days before your arrival date, you will receive one rain check valid for 1

year, but it must be re-booked within 6 months. No deposit refund will be given. If you do

not re-book in 6 months your deposit will be forfeited.

If you cancel less than 60 days before your arrival date, no rain check or deposit refund will

be given.

Hemlock Haven, Cedar Cove, or Blue Spruce cabins:

If you cancel 90 days or more before your arrival date, you will receive a full deposit refund.

If you cancel 30-90 days before your arrival date, you will receive a rain check to re-book in 6

months or your deposit will be forfeited.

If you cancel less than 30 days before your arrival date, no rain check or deposit refund will

be given.


We contract with a cleaning company that excellently prepares our cabins for each guest's arrival. Fees we

incur range according to cabin size, and the cleaning fee passed on to you as the guest is called "other" charges on

your Reservation Confirmation Statement.


Sales taxes of 9.75% and Occupancy (Lodging) taxes of 5% (totaling 14.75%) are charged on each reservation unless you

qualify for exemption.


Non-profit organizations classified as 501 (c)(3) with proof from the I.R.S., qualify for sales tax exemption when

paying with non-profit check or credit card and documentation is provided However, a 5% occupancy tax is required on

all reservations.


In appreciation for those who sacrifice to serve in the U.S. military, current or honorably

discharged military personnel qualify for a 15% discounted rate during any season, holidays

excluded. Proof of military service is required at the time of booking the reservation. Other

discounts may not be combined.


Cash, money orders, cashier checks, or personal checks will be accepted for payment,

however a credit card is required to be on file for incidentals. Debit cards, and Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit

cards are accepted. (TRC cannot accept personal checks for reservations made less than 3 weeks in advance.) TRC

will send checks through the bank only once. There will be a $36 charge for any checks returned for insufficient

funds or account closed. Your balance must then be paid by another method. All funds must be paid in U.S.



The number of guests occupying a cabin is limited to the number stated on the reservation confirmation, with the

exception of an infant requiring a crib. All cabins are limited to groups, families, married couples, or adults 18 years

of age or older.

See page 2


Check-in time is 3:00 P.M. or later, EST on Mondays - Saturdays. Check-in time on Sundays is 4:00 P.M. or later, EST.

Please remember that each cabin must be made ready for occupancy within a very tight timeframe! TRC will make

every effort to ensure that all of our cabins are clean and ready by check-in time. In rare situations, it may be

necessary to briefly delay occupancy, but if this happens, we will notify you with as much advance notice as

possible. However, no refunds will be given. Please do not go to the cabin before checking in with TRC Guest

Services. Early check-ins may be available at $50 extra per hour, with advance arrangement.


Checkout is by 11:00 A.M. on your day of departure, which is when housekeeping will arrive to clean the cabin.

The credit card on file will be charged a late checkout fee up to $50 extra per hour for any portion of day you

remain at the cabin past 11:00. If you desire a late checkout, please arrange this with Guest Services prior to your

arrival. Checkout times are strictly enforced to have all of our cabins clean and ready for the next guests, which

may be YOU!


For the convenience of other guests and in an effort to help us provide the cleanest and most sanitary

accommodations available, absolutely no animals are permitted except for A.D.A. approved service animals, of

which documentation will be required.

Otherwise, if during your stay, evidence or knowledge of animals is obtained, you will be presented with two

options: (1) you must immediately take your pet to a local kennel; or (2) you must immediately vacate our premises

with your pet and receive no refund for the balance of your reserved stay. Whichever option you choose, the credit

card on file will be charged an additional deep cleaning fee of $250. After you have checked out, if we obtain

evidence of your having brought animals with you, your credit card on file will be charged the deep cleaning fee of

$250. Please contact our office for information regarding local boarding of your pets.

12. Wi-Fi:

Unsecured internet Wi-Fi is available in each of our cabins; however, we cannot guarantee a constant connection

due to variables beyond our control.


In order to help us conserve energy, please turn off heat or air conditioning, lights, and fans when leaving rooms,

and/or leaving the property for excursions. Thermostats: set at no lower

than 70 degrees in the summer to prevent units from freezing, and no higher than 72 in the winter.


To protect and enhance our indoor air quality and contribute to the health and well-being of all guests, all cabins

are strictly non-smoking. If you must smoke, please do so OUTSIDE ONLY, keeping cabin doors and windows closed.

If it is detected that someone in your party has smoked inside the cabins, an additional cleaning fee of $250 will be

charged to the credit card we have on file.


In order to maintain a family-friendly environment, we have chosen to be a "dry" facility.

Therefore, no alcohol of any kind is permitted on our property.


Guests are responsible for their own housekeeping during their stay. However, we ask guests to complete these


(A) Empty refrigerators of all food

(B) Empty all trash cans; put TIED trash bags INSIDE dumpster, NOT ON TOP OF IT

(C) Wash, dry, and put away all dishes/pots/pans/silverware

(D) Wipe down kitchen counters & tops of stoves

(E) Return all furniture, DVD players, remote controls, etc. to their original locations

(F) Leave sheets & quilts on the beds; please DO NOT strip the beds…

(G) Put used towels & washcloths in a pile ON the bathroom floors; NOT in the showers

(H) When departing the cabins, leave AC/Heat at 75 degrees in summer and 65 degrees in winter


TRC will not assume responsibility for any items that are left behind in the cabins.

Items will be kept for 2 weeks only and then donated to a local charity.


We strive to have cabin equipment in working order. Please promptly report any inoperative equipment to TRC

Guest Services! We will make every reasonable effort to have the problem corrected. Under no circumstances,

however, will there be a reduction of rent or refund for any mechanical failure of air conditioning, heating unit, hot

tub, dishwasher, washer, dryer, internet access, TV, VCR, blender, toaster, or other appliances. There are no

refunds for inclement weather including snowstorms, etc.; however, it may be possible to re-schedule your stay

depending on availability. In this case, your deposit can be transferred to another available date.

See page 3


While you are guests in our cabins and may be away for the day, we reserve the right to enter your cabin for any

reasons we deem as urgent or necessary, such as for maintenance or housekeeping issues. However, attempts will

be made to notify you first.


Please bring your own towels from home for use at the hot tubs or pool. Towels we provide

are for indoor use only.

In the event that any substance is put into the pool or hot tubs (i.e. bubbles, soap, shampoo, oil mud, etc.) which

cause need for the pool or hot tub to be drained and refilled, a fee of $75.00 for the hot tub and $500.00 for the

pool will be charged on the credit card of the contact person. If the hot tub or pool becomes contaminated, it will

need to be closed temporarily for de-contamination.


The shared saltwater swimming pool is open seasonally from May 15 - Sept 15. It is available to all TRC guests from

9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M; however, the Elk Lodge porch is reserved for its guests only. (Note: There is no lifeguard on duty.)

All children MUST BE supervised by an ADULT at all times. No diving or running is permitted. Thank you for closing the patio

umbrellas you use before leaving the pool area.


Hot tubs and covers will be inspected prior to your arrival. While rare, various hot tubs may not be available due to

malfunction, etc. We will give you as much advance notice as we can, so that you can be aware before you arrive.

Hot tubs are not recommended for use by children; however if you allow children to use them, an adult must be

present for supervision.

Hot tub covers are fragile so please be careful with them. At each cabin, specific instructions are given for use of

the hot tub. Read directions before removing hot tub covers. Failure to follow instructions could result in damage

to the hot tub and/or cover. This damage will be considered intentional and will not be covered under the

"accidental damage" guidelines. Lifters are provided to ease in this operation and to protect the covers. Absolutely

no standing, walking, sitting, or laying on hot tub covers. Please close hot tubs when not in use as this will help

retain the water temperature. Upon your departure, another inspection will be made. If damage to the hot tub or

cover is found, you will be charged with replacement costs.

The contact person will be charged a $600 replacement fee if the cover is broken during your stay.


One bath towel set is provided for each person in your group. If your stay at TRC is four nights or more, you may ask

for a towel exchange. This should be arranged in advance with Guest Services.

22. ELK LODGE CONFERENCE/GAME ROOM (only for use by Elk Lodge guests):

The conference/game room facility hours are 9:00 A.M. to midnight. We ask that all activities after midnight be

done downstairs in the dining room area. Please consider others by observing quiet hours from midnight to 7:00

A.M. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please return all tables and chairs to where you found



All guests will be expected to respect and protect the property owned by Tuckaleechee Retreat Center. This shall

include, but is not limited to land, buildings, decorative accessories, linens, furnishings, small wares, electronics,

appliances, and all on-site amenities. Cabins have been inventoried prior to your arrival. The contact person will be

held responsible for any missing items. Please contact Guest Services to report any damage incident as soon as it

may happen.

See page 4 for signature & date...


I have read pages 1-3 of the policies and expectations of Tuckaleechee Retreat Center

and agree to abide by them.

As the reservation holder/contact person, I understand it is my responsibility

to ensure that all members of my party know these policies.

I understand that I will be held responsible for my group.

(In advance of your arrival date, we suggest that you give a copy of these

policies to each adult and review them with minors. )

Signature______________________________________________________ Printed Name __________________________________________________

Today's Date: __________________________________________________ Date of Check-In _______________________________________________

Please sign/date this page & return to office by scan/email, fax (865-448-1233), or regular mail.

Keep pages 1-3 for your reference. Thank you!

Updated Policies Effective April 2017

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